We are proud to present some of our patients with short case reports.

Special thanks to all patients and their trust. Only your smiles will speak about the quality of our work and effort. We hope that we have justified most of their expectations.

all on 6 multiunit

Multi-unit retained bridge on 6 implants | M.T. 54 years old

Multi-unit screw retained bridge on 6 implants
totalna proteza i cirkularni most

Total denture and circular bridge | M.T. 50 years old

Total denture and circular bridge
most boja b1

Metal-ceramic bridge shade B1 | B.R. 61 years old

Patient B.R. born in 1958, contacted us because she had been…
gummy smile

Gummy smile with metal ceramic crowns | S.D. 41 years old

Patient S.D. born in 1978, came to our dental clinic after more…
tetraciklinski zubi

Tetracycline Staining of the Teeth | N.Ž. 50 years old

Tetracycline Associated Staining of the Teeth

Deficiency of upper second incisor | M.S. 39 years old

Deficiency of upper second incisor

All on 4 and denture on 4 locators | M.I. 54 years old

All on 4 and denture on 4 locators

Metal-ceramic bridges in both jaws | Z.G. 60 years old

Metal-ceramic bridges in both jaws

Circular bridges and crowns on implants | D.R. 46 years old

Circular bridges and crowns on implants
Keramički most u obe vilice | L.S. 36 godina

All ceramic dental bridges in both jaws | L.S. 36 years old

Patient L.S. born in 1982, has contacted our dental clinic because…
Metalokeramičke krunice | B.V. 59 godina

Metal-ceramic crowns | B.V. 59 years old

Patient B.V., born in 1959, has contacted us for help, bringing…
Bezmetalne krune na prednjim zubima | I.Z. 38 godina

All ceramic crowns on front teeth | I.Z. 38 years old

All ceramic crowns on front teeth
Most na implantima All on 6 | S.F. 48 godina

Screw retained ceramic bridge on implants All on 6 | S.F. 48 years old

Patient S.F. born in 1970 has contacted us with not a single…
Krunice i vizil sa atečmenima | D.M. 54 godine

Crowns and metal-based denture with attachments | D.M. 54 years old

Crowns and metal-based denture with attachments
Implanti sa sinus liftom i krunice | A.S. 37 godina

Implants with sinus lift and crowns | A.S. 37 years old

Implants with sinus lift and crowns

Two circular metal-ceramic bridges | N.P. 51 year old

Two circular metal-ceramic bridges

Metal-based denture with attachments | S.I. 51 years old

Metal-based denture with attachments

Metal-based denture with attachments | P.L. 71 years old

Metal-based denture with attachments

Circular metal-ceramic bridge | S.J. 53 years old

Circular metal-ceramic-bridge

Metal-based denture with attachments | D. T. 56 years old

Patient D.T. born 1962, contacted us because of her problem with…
Totalna proteza i mk most

Metal-based denture with attachments | Lj. T. 84 years old

Complete denture and metal-ceramic bridge with metal-based denture…

M.V. born in 1978

Ceramic veneers

M.Z. born in 1965

Total denture in upper jaw, and metalceramic crowns in lower…

M.Z. born in 1987

All ceramic crowns (non-metal crowns)
kombinovani rad

M.K. born in 1947

Visil denture with ceramic crowns

L.S. born in 1970

Ceramic circular bridges

L.S. born in 1960

Milled crowns with visil denture with attachments LS
totalna proteza vita zubi

V.S. born in 1970

Total denture with Vita teeth
cirkularni most

M.J. born in 1961

Circular ceramic bridge
proteza na implantima sa lokatorima

V.S. born in 1960

Total visil denture on implants
vizil sa atečmenima

S.O. born in 1953

Visil denture and metalceramic bridge with dolder
cirkularac metalokeramika

D.P. born in 1954

Metalceramic bridge with visil denture
ordinacijsko beljenje zuba

N.K. born in 1980

Laser teeth whitening
krunice i vizil sa atečmenima

M.M. born in 1986

Metal ceramic bridge with visil  

I.Đ. born in 1972

All ceramic crowns in front teeth, and metal ceramic in back
Metalokeramički most i vizil sa atečmenima

G.S. born in 1969

Visil denture with attachments and lower circular bridge Patient…
Vizil proteza na implantima i PRF

D. I. born in 1967

Visil denture on implants with PRF bone augmentation Patient…
Cirkularni most u gornjoj vilici

J.S. born in 1968

Metalceramic circular bridge in upper jaw Patient J.S., born…
Bezmetalne krunice

M.M. born in 1977

All ceramic crowns Patient M.M., born in 1977, has contacted…

O.Č. born in 1946

Visil denture on dental implants Patient O.C., born in 1946,…

K.K. born in 1981

Theet Whitening Patient K.K., born in 1981, has contacted us…

J.R. born in 1955.

Metal-ceramic crowns in upper jaw  

D.M. born in 1967

Metal-ceramic circular bridge  

N.P. born in 1969

Visil dentures with attachments (Shade B1)

J.Đ. born in 1978

Upper circular crown bridge

D. P. born in 1975

Ceramic circular bridge (ShadeB1)

M.S. born in 1988

All ceramic circular crowns (Shade B1)

L.S. born in 1981

Metal-ceramic circular bridge in upper jaw

I.M. born in 1988

Circular ceramic bridge in both jaws (Shade B1)

L.M. born in 1948

Partial denture with attachments in upper jaw and circular bridge…

V.V. born in 1977

Ceramic crowns made for accept partial denture with attachme…

B.S. born in 1965

Metal-ceramic bridge with attachment denture

M.M. born in 1985

The patient MM born in 1985, comes in the dental clinic because…

M.S born in 1990

All ceramic crowns on front teeth (Shade B1)

M.B. born in 1948

Metal-ceramic crowns and visil denture with attachments &nb…

V.S. born in 1976

All Ceramic bridge in front (Shade B1)

S.D. born in 1960

Upper denture with attacments

T.K. born in 1984

All ceramic circular bridge Patient TK born in 1984, comes into…

M.T. born in 1972

Circular bridge after PRF transplantation

Z.S. born in 1972

Circular bridge in upper jaw The patient Z. S born in 1972,…

J.R. born in 1986

Circular bridges Patient J.R. born in 1986, comes as a pregnant…

A.S. born in 1974.

Visil denture with attachemnts on dental implants The patient…

S.G. born in 1981

Circular All ceramic bridge (B1) both jaws

Z.B. born in 1980

Circular bridge The patient Z.B. born in 1980, comes into the…

S.D. born in 1982

Circular all ceramic bridge

S.N. Born in 1981

The patient S.N. born in 1981 comes into the office because of…

A.R. born in 1972

Crowns and visil denture with attachments  
metalokeramika vizil proteza

S.Ž. born in 1953

The patient S.Ž. born in 1953, comes into the office for complete…
vizil sa dolder prečkom

J.V. born in 1955

Patient JV born in 1955, comes to the dental clinic because of…

R. Đ. born in 1960

The patient R. Đ. born in 1960, comes into the office because…
cirkularni most

J.M. born in 1963

Metal-ceramic crowns on upper front teeth

R.M. born in 1985

All ceramic crowns

D.S. born in 1957

Metal ceramic crowns

N.S. born in 1971

The patient NS born in 1971, came to the clinic because she had…

A.S. born in 1955

The patient a.s. born in 1955 came into contact with us for the…

D.R. born in 1976

Upper total denture Patient D.R. born in 1976 is due to the…

M.R. born in 1953

Partial denture with attachments  The patient MR born in 1953…

S.B. born in 1988

Upper circular bridge The patient SB born in 1988 is due to…

V.M. born in 1967

Circular bridge, Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

J.V. born in 1976

Visil denture with dolder bar  

T.S. born in 1989

Upper circular bridge The patient TS born in 1989 had a problem…

M.Z. born in 1985

Upper circular ceramic bridge with lower visil denture

P.V. born in 1979

Gold ceramic crowns and teeth whitening  

S.B. born in1964

Dental implants and ceramic crowns

D.P. born in 1965

 complete lower denture, partial denture with attachments in…

B.T. born in 1970

All ceramic crowns

B.J. born in 1962

Total dentures

F.Č. born in 1956

Total denture and visil denture
fiksna proteza (metalne bravice)

L.M. born in 1988

Fixed retainer (metal locks)
Most metalokeramika boja D2

V.D. born in 1967

Dental bridge on upper front teeth
Kombinovani rad, metalokeramički most i vizil proteza sa atečmenima

Ž.V. born in 1969

Visil dentures with a pair of attachments

N.S. born in 1955

Circular bridge upper jaw

R.D.born in 1985

Front teeth solo crowns

V.S. born in 1955

Metal ceramic circular bridge with visil denture

K.M. born in 1987

Metal ceramic solo crowns

Z.M. born in 1963

Metal ceramic circular bridge
Kombinovani rad, metalokeramičke krunice i vizil proteza sa atečmenima (Boja A2)

M.V. born in 1964

Visil denture with a pair of attachments
Metalokeramičke krune na gornjim prednjim zubima (Boja C3)

A.Ž. born in 1974

Ceramic crowns on front teeth

N.S. born in 1968

Visil denture with a pair of attachments

L.M born in 1984

metal ceramic bridge front teeth

C.S. born in 1959

Metal ceramic bridge with visil denture with a pair of atta…

Lj.U. born in 1957

Total acrylate (transparent) prosthesis