Z.S. born in 1972

Circular bridge in upper jaw

The patient Z. S born in 1972, comes to the dental clinic to finally solve the longstanding problem of the lack of upper central incisors. The patient was wearing a cleat partial denture, better known as “frog” who often fall out, get dirty and looked very messy.

After several visits and rehabilitation patients dental caries has decided to set 10 metal ceramic crowns in the bridge in the upper jaw in order to solve the problem for a long time that it takes several years. The implants were not an option primarily for reasons of hygiene that was not adequate. Incorporate implants means keep impeccable hygiene and be dedicated to that.

We opted for grinding teeth on the right and left sides and making a ceramic metal bridge of 10 crowns. The patient wanted one shade lighter upper teeth in relation to its remaining teeth.

In the end, the effect was excellent, patient happy that finally “the frog” may throw. Work has been fixed, a dazzling smile.