R. Đ. born in 1960

The patient R. Đ. born in 1960, comes into the office because of several problems with the upper and lower jaw. Excessively long upper teeth appear unnatural, lack of lateral teeth in both jaws, as well as the very poor state of the lower front teeth influenced the patient can no longer eat, even normal talking and laughing.

Based on X-ray found that the front teeth in the lower jaw can not accept any prosthetic appliances, because they were all swaying with extremely withdrawn necks of the teeth. Laterally, the patient has no teeth for many years, the situation of the anatomy of the ridge was very complicated. Specifically, from the ridge remained just something soft tissue. We informed the patient that without lower denture implants can not be stable.

The upper jaw was made a combined prosthetic denture vizil with a pair Attachement, and several metal ceramic crowns in the anterior region of the jaw. The shape and color of teeth we tried to imitate the teeth of the patient once had. The patient was gentle and finer constitution. It is always advisable that the teeth correspond to the external appearance of the patient.

On the upper prosthetic patient is accustomed for 2 days, and the lower it took several visits. The gritty, instability and tangling language are normal in such situations, especially when the patient, as in this case has no anatomy that would help her in dealing prosthesis. Panoramic footage showed that the patient has enough bone for implants setting two locators, but the financial momentum was the main problem. Intervention with the implants we postponed for later.

In the end, we had a patient who is about all she’s been through, but at the start it was extremely timid, wanted to stand in front of the camera and the flash image for the patient of the month. It just speaks to the perseverance and hard work has certainly rewards.

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