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Partial metal-based dentures with attachments present the culmination of knowledge and skills in mobile dental prosthodontics. Their sole purpose is, regardless of the very demanding process of production, to very simply connect fixed and mobile part of the restoration into one fully functional.

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What are the attachments? What do they serve for?

The attachments are very precise bonding elements which serve for connecting the fixed restoration to the mobile partial denture. They were invented for the purpose of achieving higher aesthetics, so that the retention elements of the denture (hooks) are not seen when you smile.

The attachments are mechanical structures consisted of two parts, one that is on the denture and the other one which is made with special (milled) crowns on the rest of the teeth. When these two parts are connected in the mouth, that connection becomes unique and wholly responsible for holding the denture, its stabilization and of course aesthetics, because these parts are completely hidden in the denture. Made this way, the denture has only one way of being placed and removed, which preserves the rest of the teeth from inadequate forces.

The difference between metal-based denture and metal-based denture with attachments?

Unlike the classic metal-based dentures which are connected to teeth by molded hooks, the metal-based dentures with attachments are made to provide a greater aesthetics, but also functionality. The attachments make the main difference between these two types of metal-based dentures. They replace the hooks and connect to the rest of the teeth, and this connection is invisible. The force of this connection is greater than the one in hooks, which provides a greater security to the patient when eating and speaking.

Do I need to have my teeth filed down for this type of denture?

Yes, you do! The metal-based denture with attachments is a very complex system which requires the support of metal ceramic crowns with special milled bearing.

After filing down and taking the impression of your teeth, a metal ceramic dental bridge is being made, which on its last crowns (the ones next to the denture) has balls very similar to a snap (most often the balls are made because they are the tiniest), and the appropriate “receiving” part for the balls is being placed in the denture. When these two parts are connected the denture simply „clicks“ on the teeth. The other type of attachments which are also very often used are the sliders, which function on the same principle.

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Am I a good candidate for metal-based denture with attachments?

The art and creativity of making this kind of denture is in having large number of variations possible to be made with these two types of attachments. The sliders and balls can be placed on crowns made for the rest of the teeth, on dental implants, or some of the teeth can be connected with bars and then one of these attachments can be placed on them. This is especially recommended when there is a small number of teeth left, and you wish to achieve a maximum performance of the denture.

Advantages and disadvantages? What is the experience of the patients?

The metal-based denture with attachments fits perfectly to the metal ceramic dental bridge, at the same time there are no hooks or elements that are visible. When the patient makes a wide smile, eats and speaks, you can not make a difference between the crowns and the denture. Also, the stability of the denture and the feeling of firmness compared to other types of dentures, is incredible. Practically, the patients get used to the dentures in only 2-3 days and most of them returns with a comment that they do not remove the denture even when they sleep. The metal framework (which connects the left and right side of the denture) is thin, narrow and very quickly gets the temperature of the oral cavity, and therefore you do not feel the denture as a foreign object. Being able to chew the food that you can also taste, is a revelation after wearing dentures that completely cover the soft tissue of the oral cavity.

Regarding the disadvantages, this type of denture is being made together with metal ceramic crowns, and therefore your teeth need to be filed down (prepped), which on financial side makes a greater expense. In addition, after some time, every 6-12 months, some parts of the attachments in the denture need to be replaced. Due to the denture being removed frequently, it becomes less stable and can be removed easily. After replacement, the stability of the denture is regained, same as it was on the first day when you received it.

How many days it takes for metal-based denture with attachments to be done? Useful information?

Given that we have explained that this type of prosthodontic denture is being done only in combination with metal ceramic crowns, it takes at least 2-3 weeks to finalize everything. It is necessary for the patient to have around 6-7 appointments at the dental clinic, and on the last visit we hand over the prosthodontic denture and cement the crowns. After 24 hours from cementing, the patient comes for a check up and training on how to remove and place the denture. It is very important that the dentist educates a patient how to handle the denture, because this way we assure that the teeth carriers are protected and prolong the prosthodontic denture durability.

The denture gets removed, and metal ceramic crowns are fixed.

The metal-based denture with attachments is a firm denture made of precious metal alloy, silver-palladium. When molding is finished, acrylic teeth with acrylic gums imitation are placed on the denture.

This type of denture is being removed at least 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, gets washed very well with water so that the potential remains of food are removed. Afterwards the denture is placed back. It is recommended that you wear it as often and longer as possible.


The price of metal-based denture with attachments is 450 euros, but because it is also necessary to do metal ceramic crowns with special bearings, to hold the denture, the final price varies, depending on the number of crowns.


Metal-based denture with attachments is the best solution when talking about mobile prosthodontic dentures. With this kind of denture there is hardly any discomfort, there is no falling off, and the aesthetics is excellent. It is important to point out that this type of denture is for the patients who have several healthy teeth with stable position in the bone or for the patients who have dental implants.