Bezmetalne krunice

M.M. born in 1977

All ceramic crowns

Patient M.M., born in 1977, has contacted us due to an esthetic and functional issue she had for several years. A great fear of the dentist, inadequate teeth quality, a poor treatment plan and a complicated financial situation were only some of the reasons for having mouth and teeth in such condition.

The patient came to our office with a temporary partial denture (a plastic denture with a wire) that served as a final solution for years.
After a long consideration, and in accordance with her age and her looks, she decided to have a permanent esthetic and functional solution – metal free zirconium all-ceramic crowns linked in a bridge.

Based on the X-ray the patient brought us, we have carefully assessed the condition of the each supporting tooth, and using a special device for pulp vitality testing, we have learned which teeth were alive. The teeth that were not alive were adequately cured. Because of wearing a temporary denture that made a too strong pressure to certain teeth crowns with improvised build-ups, they started to crack.

At one point, the patient was left without crowns on the both upper “ones” (Palmer notation method), which for her represented one of the signals that she could not keep like that. She has contacted us for a help and we have chosen esthetically and functionally the best quality solution – metal free zirconium ceramic bridge composed of 13 crowns. It was required to replace several teeth on the both lateral sides of the upper jaw. Only with this work, as one unit, we could be sure of the full work strength. We made special, so-called fiberglass core build- ups, in order to reinforce two main supporting teeth. Fiberglass core build-ups are very important also from the esthetic point of view, because they do not change a color of the zirconium ceramics. It is always recommended to do this type of build up, when metal free crowns are made.

In the end, patient was delighted with her looks, function and her new smile.
If you have a similar problem, we are going to find the best solution.