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What are dental implants?

Modern dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically embedded into the bone of the jaw and fully grows with the bone and acts as its integral part, and its purpose is replacement for a lost root or a missing tooth.
Dental implants are ideal for patients with good oral hygiene who lost teeth due to periodontology, unsuccessful dental treatment, trauma or any other reason.
Dental implants are absolutely biocompatible with the surrounding tissue and completely connect to your bone. The possibility of implant rejection or allergic reaction is reduced to the minimum.
By dental implants you avoid filing surrounding teeth, which is required for making bridges, and in that way both physiologically and functionally it is more justified to use this modern method for replacement of lost teeth, and in case of edentulism, i.e. lack of all molars and premolars or shortened dental line, it presents the only possibility for obtaining a fixed replacement.

What can be achieved by implants?

  • Replacement of one or more teeth without filing surrounding teeth.

  • Making dental bridges in cases when a patient, due to loss of numerous teeth or lack of molars and premolars, must wear mobile dental braces.

  • Dental implants can serve as posts for dental braces that are in that way far more stable and comfortable.

Advantages of dental implants

In any possible way, dental implants present a better solution for replacement of missing teeth.

Aesthetics: look and feel of a patient with embedded implant is the same as with natural teeth. Since implant firmly grows with the jaw bone, loss of bone and gum recession are prevented, which very often occurs in dental bridges and under the prosthesis. No one could tell that you have dental implants in your mouth.

Preservation of remaining teeth: dental implants in no way damage the quality of remaining teeth which is usually the case when making dental bridges. The more healthy and intact teeth you have, the greater long-term benefit is for health of your teeth.

Convenience and self-confidence: dental implants are convenient and will enable you to normally talk, eat and feel more confident. They will make you say goodbye to dentures that used to rub into gums, fall out and create an unpleasant feeling of a foreign body in your mouth.

We recommend placement of dental implants in the following cases


    if you miss one tooth you can replace it by one implant and a ceramic crown that is placed on the implant.


    if you miss more teeth, there is possibility to place implants that will serve as posts for dental bridges.


    if you have no teeth, implants can enable placement of dental bridges, which replace all teeth or they can enable making of comfortable and stable dental braces with mini implants.

Integral parts of an implant

Implant for a tooth root is embedded (screwed) in a place where the tooth is missing, in one painless session.
Abutment or suprastructure, placed several months (4-6) after placement of the implant, is also painless.
The crown, made upon the teeth impression taken after placement of the suprastructure, is cemented and after a couple of days you have a new tooth.

So, it takes 4-6 months from the placement of the implant to the new tooth in order for the implant to completely integrate into the jaw bone. In the waiting period we can make you temporary prosthetic replacements.


Zimmer Company has been founded in 1927, in Indiana, USA.

The company designs and manufactures all kinds of medical implants that are being used in orthopedic surgery and dentistry. The branch of the company that manufactures dental implants is based in San Diego, California, USA.

The company has its branches and representative offices in more than 70 countries in the world.

Zimmer Implants

The company offers its users high quality implants at affordable price. So far, the company has developed 6 types of implants that are being installed to the level of the jawbone. New features on the market are implants with MTX surface as well as trabecular implants.

Trabecular implants are designed to fully match the bone structure and, in that way, quickly become an integral part of it. Implants such as jawbone in their central part have structure full of cavities. Through these cavities, the jawbone can grow freely and thus the implant becomes perfectly stable.

MTX- Micro textured Titanium: represents special way of preparing the surface of the Zimmer implants. The MTX surface is obtained by sandblasting the surface of the implants with hydroxyapatite (HA) particles, after which the surface of the implants is washed with acid and distilled water to remove the residual HA particles. In this way, they do not damage the self-tapping threads of the implants and provide perfect stability of the implants immediately after installment.

By continuous improvement, the company is striving to provide dentists with significant solutions that will enable perfect results in all situations.


Straumann company is a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry.

The company was founded in 1954, and the first dental implant was presented in 1974.

The company’s headquarters are located in Basel, Switzerland. Design and implant production is taking place in Switzerland, while bio-materials and CAD-CAM components are produced in other countries of Europe, the USA and Japan.

By March 2017, over 17 million implants of this company were installed worldwide.

Straumann Implants

The company offers its users two different implant lines: implants that are installed to the level of the gums and implants that are installed to the level of the jawbone.

Implants that are installed to the bone level with their rough surface and thread design that self-tap themselves in the bone, provide excellent primary stability of implants even in cases of very soft and poor quality of the bone.

These implants are made of two types of Roxolid® and titanium materials.

Roxolid® presents a revolutionary invention of the company Strauman specially designed for the manufacturing of dental implants. The material is a combination of titanium and zirconium ceramics, making it stronger than pure titanium, and giving it excellent performance when it comes to tissue growth around the implants in the jawbone.
All Straumann implants have a specially prepared SLA surface that accelerates the tissue growth around the implants in the jawbone. SLA indicates that the surface of the implant is sandblasted with special particles and then acidified with acid, and in this way, you get the rough surface of the implant which attaches to the jaw bone extremely fast.

The Straumann company constantly improves its products. From month to month, a new product of this company comes to the market, which allows dentists to find and make the best solution for their patients in practically every situation.