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Metal-ceramic bridge shade B1 | B.R. 61 years old

Patient B.R. born in 1958, contacted us because she had been wearing upper partial acrylic denture for years, only to learn recently that it is possible for her to have a much prettier prosthodontic restoration, the one that does not need to be removed. Lack of sufficient information in the past led the patient to make wrong choice of prosthodontic solution. Wearing this kind of prosthodontic denture for years was completely unnecessary for the patient.


A 2D panoramic x-ray of both jaws showed no problem with the bone tissue. The examination on the other hand showed numerous aesthetic issues, because the teeth were filled with quite a number of composite fillings. Greater number of fillings were in a bad condition, with thin edges, sharp and colored. So, everything looked very colorful. This color of teeth raised her age and made the patient look a lot older than she really was.

Prosthodontic therapy

The patient had no fear and approached the intervention very decisively. After filling down of all her teeth in the upper jaw, we made temporary dental crowns which in the next few days protected the teeth. After only 4 days, the prosthodontic restoration was finalized and we have done metal ceramic bridge of 12 crowns in the upper jaw.

The patient wished to choose a lighter color of teeth and shape that she had dreamed about. She showed us a few photos of teeth she would like and then we have decided together which shape would be the best for her case.

In the end, she was really overwhelmed. Wide smile and satisfaction on her face were priceless. Everything was as she wanted it to be.