Z.B. born in 1980

Circular bridge

The patient Z.B. born in 1980, comes into the dental office because of the lack of a large number of posterior teeth in the upper jaw on both sides. The front teeth were significantly damaged, with the seals that were dilapidated, after analyzing panoramic shot in the upper right part of the second incisor and the left first incisors were present processes on the roots of inadequate dental treatment in the past.

On both sides of lateral patient had a second and third molars, which are surprisingly survive and be healthy, so it was logical burden on them.

At the very beginning we started treatments teeth with old fillings. We did re-treatment of teeth with processes. After that surgery was performed on both the upper teeth, but other right incisor had a clean, localized poor. What it means? When your tooth appears granuloma (smaller process) or cysts (larger process) and has a location at the top of the root forecasts are 99% successful. When this process is located on the sides of the root tooth must be removed. Unfortunately for our patient, this was the case on one tooth.

Since the patient is young, but left without the right of the second upper incisors, we did a temporary bridge of 6 crowns, wait to heal wounds and see the effect of apicotomy.

After 3 months everything was ready to start the definitive prosthetic work. In the treated teeth are made cast upgrades, and healthy teeth are not additionally devitalized (not extracted nerve). Take precise dental impression silicone and metal-made circular bridge of 14 crowns.

The result you can see in the picture, and assess whether you like.The patient was extremely satisfied, and we are proud of it because all this heroically endured. Pain were not present because our office is only used anesthetics in concentrations of 4%. They are twice as stronger anesthesia, and with them dentistry is far more enjoyable even to those who are “scared to death of the dentist.”

Many people we release fear, let’s try with you.