Metalokeramički most i vizil sa atečmenima

G.S. born in 1969

Visil denture with attachments and lower circular bridge

Patient G.S., born in 1969, has contacted our practice, because she had not have teeth on the both sides of the both jaws. Movement and spacing of her teeth grew bigger and bigger over time, and appearance and shape of teeth were not adequate and the patient wanted to finally fix that.

Based on the orthopan panoramic radiograph of all teeth, we have done an analysis of the existing condition and noticed that all teeth in the upper jaw were healthy and firmly inserted in the bone and that the patient had a chance for a fixed, non-removable work to be made. She had 4 lateral teeth, which had been a really good bridge support. In such situation, we could avoid making a removable denture. After we had filed down the teeth, we took a very precise dental impression with additive silicone 3M, and after that, techniques have no problems with making a metal ceramic bridge, consisted of 12 crowns.
There were no teeth in the lateral parts of the mandible that could be used for the future work, and we were forced to extract 3 teeth. The front teeth remained, and we have connected them in a metalceramic bridge and made a visil denture with attachments, a denture supported by existing crowns. It was a very stable and complex work, often seen in our practice.

After finalizing the work in the both jaws, the patient got an excellent occlusion of all the teeth, a chance to constantly smile and take photos, because, sincerely speaking, esthetics was the most important thing for! We have also taken care about function, so that functioning would be perfectly normal and natural.