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ALL ON 6 (Pro Arch)

The All-on-6 Concept or Pro Arch is a minimal invasive prosthodontic solution with completely fixed teeth arch ideal for toothless patients. The teeth arch is being fixed by 6 screws on implants which are being placed by special technique required for this concept.

If I choose this concept, will I be having a plastic denture or ceramic bridge in my mouth?

There are two situations when you should choose this modern concept of prosthodontics. When you have no teeth (toothless patients) and when you have several teeth which are of poor quality and need to be extracted. In addition, a 3D scan must show enough amount of bone structure for implants to be placed.


The prosthetic part has two phases


    Temporary denture is being done right after the implants are placed, and includes screw retained denture on minimum 4 implants. Placing of denture is possible only if the implants have a stability ratio higher than 70, with range being 1-99. For stability measurement we use the high precision Penguin RFA device.


    After 3-6 months from temporary denture and another measurement of implants stability we can proceed to final phase which includes screw retained ceramic bridge.


How many appointments do I need, will it hurt and how long it takes for everything to be done?


On the first appointment the patient brings a 3D scan, meets the team of dentists and gets detailed information about everything he wants to know regarding the procedure. After the analysis of 3D scan and confirming that there is enough space in the bone structure for Concept All-on-6 (Pro Arch), we take a dental impression of both jaws and precisely determine the bite. This procedure is very simple and painless. After this, we arrange with the patient the next appointment for implant placement.


Between first and second visit, in 48 hours, team of highly competent technicians makes a temporary denture for the patient.


During the second visit, we must extract the teeth (if patient has any) and then place 6 implants and fix the temporary denture. The implant placement, with use of 4% anesthesia is absolutely painless procedure. It takes 30 minutes to complete the implant placement procedure. Right after the placement, a screw retained structure will be used to connect implants and temporary work. With the high precision Penguin RFA device we will check the stability of all placed implants, and if minimum 4 implants show the stability ratio higher than 70, we can proceed with fixing the temporary denture on selected stable implants. If the ratio is lower than 70, the patient gets a temporary denture, with no screw retained structure and no pressure on implants.

Checking occlusion of the upper and lower teeth is of crucial importance for this concept. The morphology of teeth must be suitable, because in the lateral region implants can not bear the horizontal force, and it is also important not to include the last teeth in the occlusion.

This means that in 2-3 days patient will receive screw retained fixed denture which will serve as temporary. The patient can wear this kind of denture minimum 3-6 months, and even longer.

In the third visit which will be appointed in 7 days from the day of implants placement, the patient will come for removal of stitches.

When is time for ceramic bridge?

The final prosthodontic denture includes screw retained ceramic bridge, a highly precise, in technical terms very demanding and aesthetically an excellent prosthodontic solution. The advice is to wait at least 3-4 months for the lower and 4-6 months for the upper jaw, which mostly depends on the implant stability.

It takes around 10 days for screw retained ceramic bridge to be done and at least 3-4 visits.


Advantages / Disadvantages

It is very easy to get used to it and the feeling is almost like your natural teeth. For the appropriate oral hygiene, the best results are achieved by using oral irrigator which ensures a thorough cleaning under pressure. The aesthetic is perfect and prosthodontic denture is fixed, patient cannot remove it.

For this kind of prosthodontics there are barely any disadvantages, you just need to pay more attention to your oral hygiene and in the first 2-3 years, you need to visit the dentist 2 times a year for a checkup.

Rešenje implantom nedostatak jednog zuba


For the case when one tooth is missing, the advice is to place implant with suprastructure which will imitate the filed down crown of the tooth and ceramic crown which will fully look like the missing tooth. The main advantage of this solution is that when applied there is no filing down of the adjacent teeth, which must be done when the missing tooth is being replaced with dental bridge. This way you have the solution of having a tooth which looks nearly as natural and there is no discomfort to the natural harmony of your oral cavity.

Missing one tooth PRICE

Rešenje implantom most na implantima


For the case when you have three teeth missing, the advice is to place two implants with two suprastructures (abutments), which will imitate the filed down crowns of the teeth, and three ceramic crowns in the form of dental bridge which are connecting two implants. The main advantage of this solution is that when applied there is no filing down of your teeth and there is no need to include dental bridges with great span, which can be a major risk for teeth that carry them. If the last three teeth in the upper and lower teeth alignment are missing, with this solution you will avoid a less comfort one, such as denture.

Missing three teeth PRICE

Totalna proteza na 2 lokatora


For the case when you have no teeth in one or both jaws and you are looking for comfortable, aesthetical and affordable solution, the advice is complete dentures on 2 implants. Dentures and implants are connected with locators, special connecting elements. A screw retained locator is placed on implant and a matching cap is placed on the denture. By connecting locator and cap, a significantly greater stability and retention of the complete denture is achieved, and therefore a greater comfort in daily use.

Complete denture on 2 implants PRICE

Vizil proteza na implantima sa teleskopima


For the case when you have no teeth in one or both jaws and you are looking for extremely comfortable solution, which can both aesthetically and functionally restore the loss of your teeth, the advice is metal-based denture on telescopes. At least 4 implants must be placed for this kind of denture, and each implant must have each own telescope system. The telescope system includes two crowns, a primary (narrow) crown which is being fixed to the implant and a secondary (wider) which is fixed in the denture. When the denture is put on, the primary crown slides into the secondary crown with high precision, and this way a substantial stability and retention are achieved. In addition, this kind of prosthetic work has no contact with your palate which provides additional comfort.

Metal-based denture on telescopes PRICE

Vizil proteza na prečkama


If you wish to restore the loss of all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw which is followed by loss in the bone structure, and at the same time get comfort, stability, aesthetics and possibility to have impeccable oral hygiene which will make your prosthodontic denture last longer, then the advice is metal-based denture on crossbars. At least 4 implants must be placed and jointly connected with crossbar. The crossbar has connecting elements which are complementary connected to the elements of metal-based denture, assuring remarkable stability and retention of the denture.

Metal-based denture on crossbars PRICE

Totalna proteza na implantima na šrafljenje


If you wish to restore the loss of all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and at the same time get comfortable and both aesthetically and functionally excellent solution, the advice is screw retained metal-based denture. By placing 4 implants and making a metal-based denture which is screw retained to the implants, you will have a fixed prosthodontic denture, but also a possibility that during eventual check ups in the future, your denture can be easily taken off, corrected and put back to its place. As for all other dentures on 4 implants, in this case there is also no contact with your palate.

Screw retained metal-based denture PRICE