Metal-based denture with attachments | D. T. 56 years old

Patient D.T. born 1962, contacted us because of her problem with parodontopathy in both jaws. The patient had a problem with both aesthetics and function. She was interested to know if there is any way we could help her.


After having done a 2D x-ray which showed us complete state of the teeth, we came to conclusion that the patient has a highly developed horizontal resorption (melting) of the bone tissue in both jaws.  This implied that the intervention of bone grafting with fiber transplants and artificial membranes was nearly impossible.

What encouraged us was the fact that during the measurement of periodontal pockets, none of them were deep or problematic. In general, the gums receded equally around the neck of the teeth and led to sensitivity of teeth to cold, warm and sweet. In the bone, teeth were positioned firmly giving us hope that they can endure a complex dental treatment.

For a start, we have decided to do a prosthodontic restoration in the upper jaw and see how will the teeth bear with the dental crowns and prosthodontic denture and if they will be stable. We also had to devitalize (extract the nerve) in all 6 frontal teeth so that they do not get too sensitive after filing down but also not too sensitive to cold.

The patient wanted the color of her teeth not to be too white and wanted them to look as natural as possible.

Some of the teeth on the side region were not possible to be preserved because the gums receded almost to the half of the teeth roots, therefore such teeth were not possible to be filed down. Also, some of the teeth on the side region waggled so we decided to extract them.

Prosthodontic restoration

We have done combined prosthodontic restoration for this patient. Metal ceramic dental bridge with 6 crowns and metal-based denture with attachments (snaps) which clicks on this dental bridge. As a result, the patient got a beautiful and complete smile with no visible metal hooks in the denture.

The final effect was more than beautiful. The patient was very satisfied and happy that she had finally resolved one of “greater problems in her life”. We are here for her when she decides to do the lower jaw restoration, so that the effect becomes functionally and aesthetically complete.

If you are afraid, but you need help, just talking to the doctors in Meadent is enough for a start. The talk and analysis did not hurt anyone for sure. Also, the interventions that are performed in the coming appointments are exclusively done with anesthesia, so the pain is practically impossible. The old times when the anesthesia was bought on the street stands and unlicensed pharmacies are a very far past. Today everything is different and by far more comfortable.

We had success in helping numerous patients with “extreme fear of dentists” and our social networks reviews are there to testify. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and see it for yourself.