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What are veneers?

Ceramic veneers or facets represent aesthetically the best quality solution for changing the color, the size and the shape of natural teeth. It is a method used for maximum preservation of the tooth substance with minimal filing down of only the front surface of the tooth, and sometimes, depending on the indication, the tooth substance does not even need to be removed (no-prep veneers). It is very important to cement veneers to the enamel, the first teeth surface, so that they are well bound to the teeth.

Ceramic veneers are thin ceramic flakes that cover the front surface and the cutting edge of the teeth. In some situations, a smaller part of the inner surface of the teeth can also be covered. Veneers are made of all ceramic systems that give the most beautiful aesthetic results, while at the same time their mechanical properties enable excellent resistance in the mouth. They are made in a dental laboratory with computerized CAD-CAM technology, and based on the scan of the dental impression of your teeth taken in the dental clinic with the finest addition silicons.

Modern technology has explored completely the way of binding of the veneers to the tooth enamel and now it is only necessary to fully apply a very precise procedure for the placement of veneers. Meadent team uses the Variolink Esthethic LC System Kit adhesive system. When used precisely and correctly it represents a guarantee of veneers durability.

When to do veneers?

  • When you wish to change the color, shape and size of your teeth
  • When you wish to reduce the gap between your teeth
  • When tetracycline-colored teeth do not respond to whitening
  • When your teeth are worn down and thinner
  • In case of mild distress (minor malocclusion of the teeth)
  • When you wish to rejuvenate the old, jagged and discolored teeth without shine

First appointment with your dentist and arrangement for veneers

On his first appointment, the patient should bring a 3D panoramic scan to the dental clinic where he will be introduced in detail to the ways of making his smile and teeth perfect. After agreement with the patient, taking into account all his wishes and expectations, we can proceed to the teeth preparation, this in case that the indicated therapy is placement of veneers with filing down of teeth. If it is not necessary to prepare the teeth, we can immediately proceed with taking the dental impression. Based on the dental impression, the technician makes ceramic facets for no more than 2-3 days. The procedure is very delicate, requires considerable experience of the technician and a strong sense of aesthetics.

On the next appointment, with help of special Try in paste, we will try out the veneers, so that the patient can see how they look before the permanent cementing. When doing the veneers try out there are 3 shades of the Try in paste, as well as for permanent cementing there are 3 shades of composite cement. Here is necessary to outline that the color of the veneers after permanent cementing depends in a great way on the color of the used cement. This is why it is very important to estimate the right color of the cement.

The result is complete naturalness and harmony of your new smile.

Ceramic veneers or all ceramic crowns?

Porcelain veneers are a great alternative to all ceramic crowns, especially as a solution for aesthetic defects with minimal removal of the tooth substance. They are generally placed on the front teeth where their appearance and aesthetic value are most evident.

In most cases, veneers therapy gives better results, specifically because of the better look of the gums, but also because of the significant preservation of the teeth substance. Very often during teeth preparation, it is not even necessary to give anesthesia, because for most patients this is completely painless procedure.

Before deciding on prosthodontics care, if the patient has plenty of teeth with white filings, we do not recommend veneers. Our advice for this case would be to choose all ceramic crowns.

Also, veneers would not be an adequate solution for the cases of a greater malocclusion, also known as a misalignment in the teeth order.