A.S. born in 1974.

Visil denture with attachemnts on dental implants

The patient A.S. born in 1974, comes to the dental clinic because of the big problems in both jaws. In the upper jaw on the left side she had implants installed 3 years ago, and the remaining teeth is removed periodically until she came to a situation that has no teeth in the upper jaw. In the lower jaw it has several of her teeth forward, while the lateral teeth were all for the extraction.
After analyzing both jaws, and above all an analysis of embedded implants, we concluded that it is possible to create a combined prosthetic work on implants. The impression was taken and made 4 metal ceramic crown on the left side and made the special Attachement and dedicated the crown that are used for accepting vizil prosthesis.

After a probe of metals and ceramics, we took a new impression of the teeth with denture visil Attachement, which are in the upper jaw got a great aesthetic and functional operation.
In the lower jaw we also opted for a combined prosthetic work, so we used the remaining 4 front teeth. It is made of metal-bridge 6 crowns and made vizil prosthesis with a pair Attachement.

The patient is after a long time had a complete smile and mutual contacts. Implants are now getting their real intention to carry the complete work in the upper jaw.

If you read this description, recognize the situation and reminds you of your status in the mouth contact us, we will offer you several solutions.