S.N. Born in 1981

The patient S.N. born in 1981 comes into the office because of her aesthetic that is a problem that lasts for years. Short clinical crowns, inadequate layout, inherited from their parents a wide jaw and narrow teeth have contributed to the patient looks much older than she is.

The biggest problem was that the current prosthetics would be impossible. The teeth had to be positioned wearing a fixed prosthesis. Prosthesis would be aesthetic and functional quality.

In these situations, orthodontics and prosthetics are necessary because when the diastema (space between the incisors) only closed prosthetics, crowns would squat and rectangular, and the papillae between the teeth would suffer enormous pressure setting of the bridge. Therefore, it is necessary to move the teeth into the correct string, and then make a circular bridge, so he kept his teeth in the new position.

After a year of wearing a fixed, immediately after removing the patient is made temporary circular bridge which patients wore 7 days until definitive works have been completed in the technique.

The patient decided to do brighter teeth because she had brighter eyes, and this changes make her happy.

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