vizil sa dolder prečkom

J.V. born in 1955

Patient JV born in 1955, comes to the dental clinic because of problems with the old prosthesis in the upper jaw. Several teeth were treated previously not properly healed and had periapical processes, ie. cysts. On them was a circular metal-bridge. It was not possible to preserve the abutments, and after removing 4 teeth a patient had to accept the combined prosthetics, crowns with 2 Dolder bars and vizil prosthesis with a couple Attachement.

In the upper jaw after the extraction of teeth, we came up with the idea that with the help of metal ceramic bridge and the Dolder bars connect all members and thus strengthen the structure of the whole work. The teeth that were missing were recovered by vizil prosthesis with a pair Attachement.

Sturdy, high-quality, aesthetically very excellent work that has significantly improved patient smile, speaking, eating, or allow it in your mouth no longer processes.

If you have similar problems and a long time to decide to begin contact us, we have the most interesting and highest quality solutions when combined works in question.