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Teeth whitenning (dental bleaching)

Tooth whitening is today one of aesthetically least invasive dental procedures. It is very popular with young people, and results are extraordinary.

After standard polishing and removal of tartar on both jaws, as a preparation for tooth whitening, we offer to two options our patients.

Teeth whitening in our office

The first option is usage of laser and gel based on 38% hydrogen peroxide. If you decide to whiten teeth in our office, you can experience sensation of pain to hot or cold several days after the completion of a treatment, and cause for that is a change in osmotic pressure of liquids in dental canals. Also, effects can be seen faster and even after 2-3 days with visits to the dentist.

Home teeth whitening

The second option is home tooth whitening after making splints for teeth and use of 10%, 16% , 20% or 22% carbamide peroxide. Home tooth whitening practically requires that we take impression of your upper and lower jaw, and on the next visit you will get splints that are manufactured under vacuum in order to precisely fit your teeth. Along with every splint you choose a gel of specific concentration. Before you go to bed, put the gel into splints and wear them during the night. Whitening process lasts 7-10 days.

These two methods are used if teeth are vital, i.e. with a living pulp. If they are not vital, a special method is used – endopaste is put into a tooth from the back side and it is changed after 72 hours, the process is done 3 times, until final effect is achieved.

Whitening effects last up to a year and a half, but that time is proportionally decreased with increased consummation of soft drinks, cigarettes and vine, black tea and other coloured beverages.

If your only problem is discoloration and quality of teeth is preserved, then whitening is the right option for you. You can even get several shades lighter colour of teeth. Contact us and make an appointment.

Case report

A patient, M.K., born in 1982 contacted us for teeth whitening of both jaws. The photos show condition before and after the treatment.