gummy smile

Gummy smile with metal ceramic crowns | S.D. 41 years old

Patient S.D. born in 1978, came to our dental clinic after more than a year of monitoring of our work on the internet. She was impressed with the user comments and pictures of the before and after our work. So, she decided to visit us. Great fear and confusion were what characterized our first appointment. The patient told us that “she spent her youth at the dentist” and “each time it was like walking barefoot on the thorns.” Because of these two sentences, we had a very difficult task to solve. After analyzing the 2D x-ray and examining the patient, it was clear that the teeth were of poor quality and position, and the additional problem was the so-called “gummy smile”, also known as excessive gum tissue display in a patient smile.


The patient was literally afraid of just talking about all of this. It was very difficult to start the work and treatment of her teeth, so we first had to use the anesthetic in spray to calm the area for injecting anesthesia. After this, the application of anesthesia passed almost without pain. When the patient was completely anesthetized, we made individual measurements of each gum contact with the front teeth and carefully began to reduce the excess gums. We have done this with a special dental borer for the gums and fine scalpel. The patient could not believe that she actually had teeth of such a beautiful shape, since her teeth were covered with gums her whole life. This intervention is called gingivectomy. It is completely painless after anesthesia.

Prosthodontic therapy

After 7-10 days, we waited for the gums to settle completely on the teeth and then we started the treatment on 2 frontal teeth with reinforcements in the form of molded restoration. In the meantime, we have made temporary crowns for the patient so that the gums can properly heal and that the teeth are protected from sensations.
For now, the patient has decided to do a prosthodontic restoration in the upper jaw. It is a metal ceramic circular bridge of 13 crowns. We kept in mind that the new teeth of the patient resemble her old teeth as far as the shape is concerned, but the color is brighter, exactly as our patient wanted it to be.

At the end of the work, the patient was overwhelmed with a new smile and wished to make a video where she would say a few things that lay on her soul. She overcame the fear she had for years. Now that everything is over, she could not believe that “she had waited so long, and that everything was so simple.”

If you also have a great fear of dentist, it is time for you to visit our dental clinic.