M.R. born in 1953

Partial denture with attachments 

The patient MR born in 1953 is due to the lack of teeth in the upper jaw on the right side behind the second incisor, as well as the lack several posterior teeth in the left side. The patient was very difficult to feed, laughing and talking normally.

The first idea is a fitting implants in order to avoid making removable dentures. The patient had neither adequate information regarding partial dentures because it is thought to be ordinary dentures Carabiner whose production is justified only as a temporary solution until the final work.

After analyzing 3D orthopans as the most important diagnostic tool for the potential installation of implants, it was concluded that the patient has a major drawback bones and suspended sinuses bilaterally. Even the intervention sinus lifts (raising the sinus floor in order to create additional space for implants) was impossible.

The patient’s upper jaw had their teeth 7, of which 5 front and 2 side to the left. It is indicated to make a combined operation of the 5 metal ceramic crowns related to the bridge ahead, 2 crowns related to the bridge sideways, and all that would be associated with a prosthetic vizil Attachement (snaps), so aesthetically nothing would be visible, and certainly it would be impossible distinguish between the teeth in the denture teeth from ceramics.

Many important details were 4 crowns prepared for attachments with grooves that are the essence of the wearing dentures. Note: If you have vizil prosthesis with Attachement, a few months old and already is one, the problem is a bad plan when making dentures and crowns inadequate prepared for attachment.

We used the high-quality five-layer Ivoclar teeth and colors the teeth in the denture selected after making ceramic crowns, and not according to the key color. What it means? When you have a problem, at this lack of teeth there is a real danger that the tooth which compensates in the front region, in this case, the right canine is gray compared to ceramic tooth because the tooth is under the tray Attachement. Therefore, the technician has to show all his skills and prevent it. Therefore, it is wise teeth in the denture set not according to the key color, but the color of the ceramic. The shades are concerned, but a lot of those can impair the impression, if you make a mistake.We find the best shade.

The patient wanted one of the most frequently requested colors teeth lately, b1.The patient ended up being extremely satisfied, quickly got used to the prosthesis. It was quite a surprise that wearing these dentures is not nearly as difficult as she thought. The appearance of the teeth resembled the look of those he had once .. A color is made to be patient fully rejuvenate.

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