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We guide you through 5 simple steps from entering OUR practice to getting a new smile!


Upon arrival at the office, the patient gets to know the dentist and our team. After the examination, we talk with the patient about his expectations regarding the shape, color and appearance of the teeth, all within limits that would not violate basic dental principles.

Then we take pictures of the patient’s teeth and smile with the AF-S Micro Nikkor 105 mm professional lens, as well as take pictures of the teeth with the 3shape TRIOS digital scanner. These digital devices represent an important part of the dental equipment in our practice and are an indispensable tool in both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The use of such equipment will be significant for us help us create the perfect smile through dedicated planning and digital design..

Now the patient can participate in the design as a full equal. Before starting any work, he will get a precise picture of how his teeth will look in the end.


Digital Smile Design gives you a first look at your future smile. In this phase, the visions of dentists and technicians come to the fore. By using dental photos in the software and a digital scan of the current state of the teeth, we are able to create a new smile for the patient on the computer. Now the patient can participate in the design on a completely equal basis.

At the end of the creative process of the dentist, the patient and the technician, we can finally start preparing the teeth for prosthetic work.

The patient will get exactly the teeth he wanted.


The most important thing to note is that patients can get exactly the same teeth as they saw at Digital Smile Design only when doing metal-free zirconia crowns and veneers. So, everything that can be done with 3D computer printing.

Metal-ceramic crowns cannot be made identically to the software, because such crowns are made manually by technicians. The appearance of the crown is 90%-95% similar to the appearance of the design. The skill of the technician is then crucial.

With the advent of modern technologies in dentistry, minimal tooth preparation (preparation of teeth for crown acceptance) has been made possible with maximum aesthetic and functional results, with significant preservation of tooth substance.

The production of metal-free crowns enables perfect results with minimal preparation. Metal-ceramic crowns require a slightly larger part of the tooth to be removed, due to the very structure of the crown and the way it is made.

If the tooth is healthy and the crowns are placed for aesthetic reasons, tooth preparation (grinding) can be reduced to only 0.5mm – 1.5mm.


What is the 3shape TRIOS Intraoral Digital Scanner?

To explain it to you in the simplest way, it is a video camera that is used directly in the patient’s mouth, creating super fast images one after the other, which the powerful software turns into a very precise 3D model of your teeth and soft tissues in color. This model can be used primarily in implantology and prosthetics.

Does this mean that the dentist is being replaced by some technical device?

Digital dentistry is not a substitute for the knowledge, expertise and skill of a dentist. It is just a modern, efficient, very accurate system for reaching the goal more safely.

Why does it matter to me?

Quality impressions of your teeth and soft tissues are important so that veneers, crowns, bridges lie perfectly in your mouth. TRIOS impressions are more precise than traditional impressions taken with silicone pastes. The procedure is faster and more comfortable. Saved scanned documents can be used multiple times.

Why is this print better?

If you have ever taken an impression at a dentist, you surely remember unpleasant silicone pastes and metal spoons that made you feel uncomfortable and sometimes sick. Printing with TRIOS does everything without it. There are several advantages of digital printing:

  • It is faster compared to silicone impressions which take minutes to set in the mouth
  • It is much more comfortable for the palate and tongue
  • In an instant, we can see if the scanner has taken a good picture of all the necessary zones, and to what extent there is an error, we can immediately correct it on the spot. This avoids repeating the impression if the technicians find an error in the laboratory.
  • Digital prints are not deformed
  • Disgust and discomfort do not exist
  • The resulting files can be sent by email or via various internet platforms in combination with 3D images for consultation with technicians or other colleagues.
  • Precise determination of the color of teeth and gums, which would allow us to achieve excellent aesthetic results by making prosthetic work

Modeling, individualization and computer 3D PRINT

After we have finished scanning your teeth, we immediately send it to our laboratory, the so-called “preparation file”.

The process of designing the shape, size and color of the teeth was already completed in phase 2 in which the patient himself participated. We call the file from this stage a “design file”.

Then the “preparation file” and the “design file” are combined into one working file. At that moment, a team of experienced technicians begins the process of creating a definitive prosthetic work.

Our laboratory has very high-quality 3D printers from the companies Zirconzahn and Cerec.

After processing e-max blocks (one of the highest quality materials for making metal-free crowns and veneers in the front region), or zirconium blocks (in the lateral regions), the printer creates teeth that in terms of shape, size, position and color fully match the wishes of the patient.

Only a small final touch is needed by the technician who applies the glaze (shine) or individualizes the teeth if the patient has specifically requested it.


Metal-free zirconium crowns or veneers arrive in just a few days, with results just as you asked for them. Most often, the decision to get crowns is often preceded by a long period of planning and anticipation. Therefore, many patients experience this moment of getting a new and beautiful smile quite emotionally. It was as if a new door had opened in their lives.