metalokeramika vizil proteza

S.Ž. born in 1953

The patient S.Ž. born in 1953, comes into the office for complete rehabilitation of both jaws. The patient’s upper jaw had an old metal-bridge combined with vizil prosthesis with Attachement. In the lower jaw on the right side of the patient did not have teeth, the front teeth were completely damaged by decay. On the left, the patient had a metal-bridge which is used daily in chewing, so they abutments were too burdened, and began to deplete.

Taking care of the family and the constant investment in all other aspects of life, not only in her health have led to this situation the patient’s mouth and teeth. After she could not to laugh, or speak without putting her hand over her mouth, as well as the growing inability to feed, the patient decided to definitely solve the problem.

In the upper jaw laterally on both sides of the remaining teeth were in poor condition. The bone around the tooth was pulled with a large periodontal pockets and it was not possible to do anything with these carriers. These teeth were indicated for extraction. The remaining front teeth were in good condition and we have included them in prosthetics. It is made of metal bridge out of 5 crowns and vizil prosthesis with a pair Attachement. The most attention we have paid to the look and shape of the front teeth. The patient wanted to look like her teeth from a young age. That’s what we achieved.

In the lower jaw, the situation was more demanding. All the lower front teeth were damaged by decay. Each of the front teeth had to be devitalized (extracted nerve) and a tooth cured. On each of the teeth are made upgrades to cast teeth were reinforced for accepting heaving ceramic bridge. Meanwhile, during these surgical intervention was performed apicotomy, because one of the abutment teeth have small custys. One of the abutment teeth down the left had to be extracted due to very poor condition, and therefore the bridge had to be removed. In this jaw was performed similar work, 6 metal-ceramic crowns and vizil prosthesis with a pair Attachement.

Finally, after almost 2 months we get the desired effect and very good results. The patient was very pleased. If you have a similar problem, you can contact us. your Meadent