D.R. born in 1976

Upper total denture

Patient D.R. born in 1976 is due to the lack of teeth in the upper jaw. You wonder, perhaps, why she lost her teeth? According to the information she gave us in her family for several generations there are aggressive periodontitis, which affects the rapid deterioration of the supporting tissue of the tooth. The fibers that hold teeth are quickly destroyed, and the patella bone where the tooth is melted, the gums are retreating.

The patient had a great aesthetic and functional problem, so there was no other solution than to pull out all the teeth in the upper jaw. These are extreme cases, and do not happen frequently. Whenever possible, you should save the tooth, but it is not possible extraction is the only solution.

The patient proposed implants and prosthetic work ALL on 4. That was expensive for her, and we opted for a acceptable solution which is aesthetically the same quality, with a plan to do so in the coming years a fixed prosthesis on implants.

We chose denture full anatomical aesthetics and suggested her lighter color of teeth, where we took particular care at the stage of intermaxillary relation to the upper lip was fuller appearance. The shape of the teeth was chosen by the patient. They look like teeth that she had once.

The effect – she was impressed!

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