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What is a platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP)?

A platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) is a safe and simple regeneration treatment based on platelet rich plasma. By this method we inject concentrated growth factors (PDGF, EGF) into skin and they show extraordinary effects on skin regeneration and start a process of rejuvenation and skin lifting. Normal blood circulation cannot provide high concentrations of growth factors as it is possible by injections of plasma.

Platelet rich plasma, apart from its sacred role in aesthetic medicine, is widely used in therapy of chronic wounds, orthopaedics and sport medicine. Great advantage of this treatment is the fact that it is completely natural – blood plasma, platelets and growth factors are taken from patient’s blood, which reduces any side effects to minimum. This revolutionary method for facial rejuvenation is recommended to all who want natural, gradual and significant improvement of skin quality, its elasticity and colour.

Rejuvenation, facial lift and body lift, wrinkle fillers and removal of stretch marks

This treatment makes your facial skin shinier, more elastic and of greater quality. Wrinkles are reduced, and after a complete treatment and application of entire dosage of PRP they become almost invisible. Dark circles under eyes, which mostly cause tired face, disappear. Treatment also shows excellent results with removal of stretch marks (stretch marks on your stomach and thighs) and with scars on face and hands (especially scars from acne).

It is necessary to protect the treated region against sun light. If redness or small bruises appear after the treatment, they will disappear within seven days. In the meantime you can use make-up to cover them up.

Results of face and skin regeneration by PRP are incredible and visible during the first 3 weeks. In the following eight weeks results are even more visible. We recommend 4-6 treatments every 4 weeks (one treatment monthly), and then maintenance therapy every 6 months in order to achieve long-term effect. Face and skin remain fresh and rejuvenated in the following two years, and sometimes even longer.

Treatment of baldness (prevention of hair loss and alopecia by PRP)

Lately it has been called a ”Vampire hair treatment”. Injection of own plasma into scalp stimulates new cells of the basic layer of skin epidermis which helps stimulation of hair follicle and leads to new hair growth. Treatment lasts about one hour and afterwards patients can go back to their daily activities.

Treatment is recommended to both men and women for prevention and slowing down of androgenic alopecia. Injecting plasma with concentrated activated platelets into targeted spots on scalp stimulates cells of remaining hair follicles to produce new hairs. Results are extraordinary.

We recommend 6-8 treatments in a short time period – the entire dose of PRP should be received within 8-12 weeks in order to achieve a complete effect.


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