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Platelet rich plasma (PRP, PRF)

PRF is a blood fraction rich with thrombocytes (platelets) and leukocytes (white blood cells), and it is obtained by centrifuging patient’s blood in test tubes without additives. Test tube itself is factory processed on the inside, so it has a rough texture that helps in breaking of blood cells to basic ingredients. The final product solely contains fibrin, a protein from blood plasma obtained from the patient’s blood.
Platelets (thrombocytes) from PRF contain many growth factors, which are released from thrombocytes upon the activation, and stimulate the new blood vessels formation, as well as a new bone growth in bone defects. Due to that, a defect is better vascularized, which improves and drastically accelerates the patient’s recovery.

In what situation PRF is used?

  • Augmentation of the bone ridge in the mandible (preparation of the bone and soft tissue for implantation of a dental implant)
  • During the treatment of gingival recession (receding gums)– a membrane made of PRF is used to cover bared teeth necks and to eliminate a defect
  • Periodontology interventions (flap operation)
  • For tooth extraction– PRF is inserted into a defect in order to reduce bone loss.

PRF is a safe method, because se a portion of the patient’s blood is returned to a defect. In the end, the things that are natural and personal are the best.


PRF is an abbreviation for the term „platelet-rich fibrin“, which means „thrombocytes enriched fibrin“. These are products that are obtained from the patient’s blood and are used primarily in oral and aesthetic surgery.  They are centrifuged using PRF DUO device, specially designed with a precise number of revolution and time adjustment. Dental practice Meadent owns this device, and doctors have certificates for its use in PRF method.
Recently, fibrin is used in more advanced dental procedures for better healing of the bone and soft tissue, hence it serves as an ideal preparation for surgical procedures that precede implants.

If this is confusing, we will simply explain

We believe that you have more than once face the fact that we can help ourselves the best. Our body has a natural ability of self-healing. The process starts with taking blood from the patient, which by further processed by centrifuging in an apparatus intended for that, and then separated. It is interesting that process is painless, quick and a simple one.

After centrifuging of the taken blood, we get plasma and fibrin that is later used as a biological autotransplant, that is, after tooth extraction, fibrin and plasma are placed at that very place, and those serve for acceleration of healing process, and, in doing so, they accelerate the process of implant acceptance. The implantation process is quicker and safer, and is certainly pain free. PRF is a pure and final product, contains only fibrin and plasma obtained from the patient’s blood.

Growth factors are released from platelets (thrombocytes) during activation, and they stimulate primarily angiogenesis, videlicet, new blood vessels formation, and in doing so, a new bone growth in bone defects is stimulated. Consequences of that are that tissue is better supplied with oxygen, which improves regeneration. PRF is a completely safe method, because only patient’s blood is used and no other additive is included. Results are impressive, which have been confirmed by a growing number of patients who decide that this method is to be used in our dental practice.