Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with correction of irregular position of teeth and, up to a certain age, irregular position of jaws. In the period of mixed dentition that is achieved by mobile braces, and in the period of permanent teeth that is achieved by fixed braces.

Aim of the orthodontic therapy is to achieve regular and aesthetic look of the bite that would enable optimal chewing and arrangement of forces so that we get equal stress on all teeth. Also, by regular position of teeth, we ease oral hygiene and thus reduce the risk of caries and periodontal diseases.

Orthodontic therapy can be fixed or mobile.

Fixed orthodontic therapy is done by locks glued to the teeth (metal, ceramic, sapphire) and only an orthodontist can take them off. Length of therapy depends on the seriousness of anomaly, but also on cooperation between a patient and an orthodontist, which contributes to shorter therapy optimal success.

Mobile therapy enables a patient to put and remove orthodontic retainer and is done with children. Mobile therapy can be used with adults by using Inmann retainer or invisaligne braces that correct slight irregularities of teeth positions.