Composite (white) fillings

Setting a composite filling means rehabilitation of a tooth due to tooth destruction by caries or damage caused by fracture of a tooth.

In conservative dentistry fillings used to be made of amalgam (dark, silver fillings) that do not meet contemporary aesthetic requirements. Today, when high aesthetics is in demand, the only materials that can satisfy those criteria are composites. Modern standard among composites are nano-hybrid composite materials that enable making of top quality fillings and aesthetics due to their properties. Due to nanotechnology these fillings imitate the look, transparency, opalescence and fluorescence of a natural tooth, and they are highly resistant to wear and tear. Since their reflection and other optical properties are almost identical to a natural tooth, they are invisible and perfectly matched in the remaining part of a tooth.

Procedure for making a composite filling is significantly more sensitive than the amalgam one and requires patience, time and skills.