Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is a special branch in dentistry based on a specific relationship between a therapist and a young patient. Fear from the first procedure as a fear from the unknown is stronger than any story and parental convincing, and gaining trust into a dentist is a demanding task. The youngest patients are brutally honest, demand extraordinary patience and attention, and work with them is very often more than just dentistry.

Children’s biggest problem is to trust a dentist, and every lie that “nothing will hurt” can start an avalanche of mistrust once they feel the pain for the first time. After that a child seeks parent’s consolation which breaks the circle of trust between a child and a dentist, and new relationship is hard to establish.

Therefore, two basic principles apply – the first is that you must never lie to a child, and the second is that a parent is only an escort who must not interfere with the first contact of a child and a dentist.

In the end of trust creating process you will have a child who will grow into an adult and leave the fear from a dentist in their early childhood.

Our office can offer all types of education about oral hygiene, of both primary and permanent teeth; treatment of all carious lesions by GJC and composite fillings, treatment of primary teeth and protection of permanent ones right after their appearance, as well as extraction of primary teeth.

We are here for you and your children. Come to meet us and we will take care that their teeth remain healthy.